To connect to an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance using MobaXterm, you can use SSH (Secure Shell), which is a secure protocol for accessing remote servers. Here are the steps to connect to your EC2 instance using MobaXterm:

1. Prerequisites:

  • Ensure that you have your EC2 instance’s public IP address or DNS name.
  • You should have the private key (.pem) associated with the EC2 instance.

Click on “Launch Instance”.

2. Download and Install MobaXterm:

If you haven’t already installed MobaXterm, you can download it from the official website:

3. Open MobaXterm:

Once installed, launch MobaXterm.

4. Create a New SSH Session:

To create a new SSH session, follow these steps:

  • Click on the “Session” button in the upper-left corner of the MobaXterm window.
  • In the “Session settings” dialog, select “SSH” as the protocol.
  • In the “Remote host” field, enter the public IP address or DNS name of your EC2 instance.
  • In the “Specify username” field, enter the username you intend to use to connect to the instance. For Amazon Linux instances, the default username is usually “ec2-user.” For other Linux distributions, it might be “ubuntu,” “centos,” or something else depending on the AMI.
  • In the “Advanced SSH settings” section, go to the “Use private key” field and select your .pem private key file.
  • Click the “OK” button to save your session settings.

5. Connect to the EC2 Instance:

  • In the main MobaXterm window, you will see your saved session.
  • Double-click on your session to initiate the SSH connection.

6. Authenticate with the Private Key:

  • MobaXterm will prompt you to confirm the connection and ask for the passphrase if your private key is encrypted. Enter the passphrase if required.
  • If your private key is not encrypted, you will be connected directly to your EC2 instance.

You should now be connected to your EC2 instance using MobaXterm. You’ll have access to the command line of your EC2 instance, and you can execute commands just as if you were connected via a terminal.

Remember to follow security best practices, such as restricting SSH access to only trusted IP addresses and securing your private key, to ensure the security of your EC2 instance.

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