For those on Windows seeking a seamless way to interact with remote servers, MobaXterm is an excellent choice. It offers an all-in-one solution, combining SSH, SCP, and X11-forwarding into one easy-to-use client. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through connecting to your AWS EC2 instance using MobaXterm.


  • A running EC2 instance on AWS.
  • The .pem private key file you received when you created the EC2 instance.
  • MobaXterm installed on your computer. If not, download it here.

Step-by-Step Guide:

“Step-by-step guide on How to connect EC2 instance through MobaXterm ?. Simplify remote server access with this comprehensive tutorial for Windows users.”

Initiating the Connection:

i. Start MobaXterm.

ii. Click the “Session” button on the top left.

iii. Choose “SSH”.

iv. For “Remote host”, input your EC2 instance’s Public IP (found on the AWS EC2 dashboard).

v. Under “Advanced SSH settings”, select “Use private key”.

vi. Optionally, add the appropriate username in the “Specify username” field. For AWS, it’s often ec2-user (Amazon Linux) or ubuntu (Ubuntu instances).

vii. Click “OK” to initiate the connection.

Security Group Considerations:
If you find connection issues, your EC2 security group might be the cause. Ensure it allows SSH (usually port 22) traffic from your IP address. Modify the inbound rules if needed.


MobaXterm makes it remarkably simple to connect to your EC2 instances, wrapping powerful features in an intuitive interface. With the ability to handle SSH, SCP, and even X11-forwarding, it’s a tool worth having in your toolkit as you navigate the world of AWS.

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