What is Docker?

Docker is a platform that simplifies the process of creating, deploying, and managing applications using containers. Containers are lightweight, isolated environments that package an application and its dependencies, ensuring consistency across different environments. Docker provides a standardized way to develop, test, and deploy applications, making it easier to move them between different systems, such as development, testing, and production environments. It has become a fundamental tool for DevOps and containerization, improving scalability and portability of software.

Steps to Install Docker on Ubuntu using apt

To install Docker on Ubuntu using the apt package manager with the package docker.io, you can follow these steps:

  1. Update the package database to ensure you have the latest package information:
ubuntu@Rushi-InfoTech:~$ sudo apt-get update
  1. Install Docker using the docker.io package:
ubuntu@Rushi-InfoTech:~$ sudo apt install docker.io

Accept with ‘y’ to continue the docker installation process.

  1. Start and enable the Docker service to ensure it starts automatically upon system boot:
ubuntu@Rushi-InfoTech:~$ sudo systemctl start docker
ubuntu@Rushi-InfoTech:~$ sudo systemctl enable docker
ubuntu@Rushi-InfoTech:~$ sudo systemctl status docker
  1. Verify that Docker is installed and running by checking the Docker version:
ubuntu@Rushi-InfoTech:~$ sudo docker --version

You should see the version information for Docker if the installation was successful.

That’s it! Docker is now installed on your Ubuntu system using the docker.io package. You can start using Docker to manage containers and containerized applications.


installing Docker on Ubuntu using the apt package manager is a straightforward process that involves updating the package database, installing the docker.io package, starting the Docker service, and verifying the installation. Docker is a powerful tool that simplifies containerization, making it easier to manage and deploy applications on Ubuntu, and it plays a crucial role in modern software development and infrastructure management.

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